garage door locks - are yours effective?

garage door locks - are yours effective?

The Benefits Of Going With Aluminum Instead Of Wood For Your Garage Door Replacement

Sara Walters

Is your current garage door in a state of disrepair? If you are in the market for a garage door replacement, one of your first decisions will be to decide what type of material to go with for the new garage door. Wood is a traditional material for garage doors and maybe that's what your current door is. But wood can also come with long-term issues, as you may have already found out. If you are open to looking at other options, here's why you might want to look into using aluminum for your garage door replacement. 

Aluminum Won't Corrode or Lead to Issues With Rot

When it comes to long-term durability, it's hard to beat aluminum. Aluminum obviously won't have long-term issues with wood rot, and you also won't have to worry about protecting it from corrosion as you might with some other types of metal. Your aluminum door will likely last for a long time aside from the initial investment during installation, you shouldn't have to deal with many repair bills to the door in the years to come.

Aluminum Won't Require a Sealant or New Paint Job on a Regular Basis

In addition to durability, an aluminum garage door can also reduce or eliminate the amount of long-term maintenance you might be used to doing on a traditional wooden door. This is because a wood garage door might need a sealant or a new paint job on a regular basis in order to keep it looking its best. With aluminum, these simply are not considerations you have to worry about.

Aluminum Is Less Expensive Than Wood

Aluminum is lower maintenance than wood and also more durable for the long haul. But the best part is these features do not mean an increase in price. In fact, aluminum is one of the most affordable options you can go with for a new garage door, especially compared to wood or steel.

Talk to a Garage Door Contractor About Your Options

To be clear, just because aluminum is less expensive than wood does not mean it will end up less visually appealing. It may be possible to talk to your garage door contractor about getting an aluminum door in a specific color that matches the exterior of your house. You will also still have the option to add windows or other features in order to make the door more visually appealing.

Talk to a local garage door contractor today to learn more about garage door replacement.


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garage door locks - are yours effective?

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