garage door locks - are yours effective?

garage door locks - are yours effective?

Why Is Your Garage Door Producing Unusual Noises?

Sara Walters

The primary purpose of garages is to store automobiles safely and protect them from weather elements, damages, or theft. But for the garage to give your vehicle the protection you need, they need to have high-quality doors. These doors will help deter intruders and ensure you enjoy smooth and quiet operation. However, as you continue to use the door, it will be prone to wear and tear, which could result in strange noises. Learn what might cause these strange noises and why you need a garage door repair expert to fix the problem.

Damaged Torsion Springs

The work of the torsion spring is to ensure you have a smooth experience each time you get in or out of your garage. For these springs to work, they will have to expand and contract. However, they will likely lose their flexibility after some time. When this happens, the unit will start locking itself up, which will lead to popping sounds each time you attempt to open it. Pop-like noises from your unit mean it is time to replace the spring, which is a very dangerous task and should only be handled by professionals.

Loose Nuts and Screws

An ordinary garage door has numerous springs, bolts, and screws, as these parts help to hold all the mechanisms together. But as you continue to use it, these parts become loose over time. As a result, the door will start producing a rattling sound each time you open or close it. Fortunately, this is an issue that experts can quickly fix. Since these technicians are knowledgeable and experienced, they know the best way to tighten the loose parts without causing more destruction to your unit.

Defective Roller

The rollers are vital elements in the garage unit as it connects the door to the tracks. They help ensure you have an easy time opening and closing the unit. So, the rollers are usually hard at work whenever you use the garage door system. Therefore, they are prone to wear out faster than any other part. When it wears out, the door will start producing some banging sounds. If this noise comes from your unit, call professionals to help replace the rollers or set the door back on its tracks.

Faulty Opener

Your garage door motor is responsible for ensuring you have an easy time opening and closing the unit. If it is malfunctioning or has insufficient power, the system will strain when you open or close it. As a result, you will get some rattling noises from the unit. But you can always call skilled professionals to repair or replace the motor each time you hear a rattling sound.

Your garage door system will produce strange noises in case of damaged torso springs, loose nuts, and screws, defective rollers, or a damaged opener. But regardless of the reasons your system might be producing strange noises, it is important to hire licensed technicians to help fix the problem and ensure your unit works efficiently.

For more information, contact garage door repair services in your area.


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