garage door locks - are yours effective?

garage door locks - are yours effective?

Garage Door Won'T Open? 2 Possible Reasons Why You Are Having This Problem

Sara Walters

If your garage door will not open this can be due to many things. In some cases, you can repair the job on your own, while others will require a professional to assist you. To help you decide what you should do, below are two possible reasons of why you are having this problem.

Wall Switch

If your garage door opener works well but the wall switch does not you can replace the wall switch to take care of this problem. Before you replace it, however, check the wires to ensure they are in good condition and connected. You can do this by carefully removing the switch from the wall. You will see two wires in most cases. If the wires are damaged or loose, they can be replaced by a professional to see if this fixes the problem. If so, this is a very inexpensive repair.

If there is not a problem with the wiring, then the wall switch has likely gone bad. This is especially true if it is old. You can purchase wall switches at home improvement stores or online. They are very inexpensive, and you can remove the old switch and install the new one in the same way. If you do not feel comfortable doing his, hire a garage door company to help you.

Garage Door Opener

Go inside the garage and manually open the door. If you can do this with no problem, there is no mechanical issue with the door, and it could be a problem with the garage door opener.

First replace the battery with new ones. This is even true if you just replaced them as it is possible that even new batteries can go bad quickly. If the new batteries do not repair the garage door opener the best thing to do is to replace it with a new one. They are not expensive, and you can find these openers at home improvement stores. If you do this, purchase the same type of model that you currently have. Take the nonworking garage door opener with you to ensure you do this.

If you cannot find the right model you can purchase a new receiver along with another type of garage door opener. A receiver will replace radio frequencies that the opener needs to work. This also turns the code the door opener uses into a rolling code, which means the code is constantly changing. This makes it very difficult for someone to gain access to this code and open your garage door on their own.

Hire a garage door opener repair company to provide maintenance to your garage door if you have not done this in some time.


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garage door locks - are yours effective?

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