garage door locks - are yours effective?

garage door locks - are yours effective?

Faux Wood Garage Doors: All of the Beauty without the Work

Sara Walters

Are you thinking about installing a new garage door? Consider the following points.

The Drawbacks of Wood Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors add a great deal of charm and appeal to your home, but they come with quite a maintenance list. Garage doors in general are prone to a lot of sun exposure, and that sun exposure can especially damage a wood garage door. Between the sun exposure, the temperature changes, the moisture, and the pests that attack the door, it will need your attention often. If you want the look of wood, but don't have the time or desire to spend the time washing, treating and staining the garage door each year, you're in luck: there are lots of great faux wood garage door options for you to consider.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Quality faux wood garage doors are made of either steel or fiberglass. Some of the most beautiful faux wood garage doors are made of fiberglass. They are made using a process in which a mold is used to create the impressions—this gives the entire door the realistic wood-grain texture that you typically won't see in many of the other options. These doors are made to look like stained wood or painted wood.

Other Features to Think about

One feature to consider when investing in a new garage door is whether you want the door to be insulated. An insulated garage door will help control the temperature inside the garage, as well as the moisture levels. So, if you live in a moist climate or an area that is prone to very cold winters or very hot summers, an insulated garage door is something to give serious consideration. Another thing that you'll need to decide upon is whether you want windows in the door. If you store lots of valuables in the garage, clear windows wouldn't be the best option. You want to keep wondering eyes out of the garage. If you want the natural light that the windows let in, look into frosted glass windows instead of clear ones.

Both fiberglass and steel are easy to maintain—you won't need to spend a fortune treating and staining the door each year. Instead, all you'll need is a good pressure washer and some white vinegar or liquid dish soap. The door will just need a good cleaning yearly to keep the dirt and debris from discoloring the finish.

Start looking into the many options of faux wood garage doors for your home. Contact a business that specializes in garage doors like Edgemont Garage Door Service for more information.


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garage door locks - are yours effective?

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