garage door locks - are yours effective?

garage door locks - are yours effective?

5 Simple Rules For Decorating Your Garage Door For Halloween

Sara Walters

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to get your home ready for this spectacularly spooky time of year. The garage door seems like the perfect canvas for making your home extra spooky for Halloween. But before you start decorating your garage door with scary spiders, wicked witches, and creepy cobwebs, there are a few decorating rules you'll want to remember.

Clear Away Your Tools and Other Junk

If you plan on using the interior of your garage as part of your Halloween garage door decoration, be sure to put all of your tools away before decorating the space. Your tools and other sharp and potentially harmful equipment should be kept out of reach of younger children and curious adults. If you have expensive power tools, you may want to put these in a box or plastic container and move them inside until you're done with your Halloween celebration.

Use Designs That Allow Your Garage Door to Move

Although you're using your garage door to create scares, chances are you'll still want to use it as a garage door. So you'll want to use Halloween designs that let you open and close your garage door with minimum effort and aggravation.

As you piece together your awesome design, consider the type of garage door you have. If you have a roll-up or folding garage door with multiple panels, you might want to use a silhouette-type decoration that's cut to accommodate the garage door's folding sections. If you have a garage door that swings upward, you'll want to make sure there's enough clearance between the top of the door and the edge of the opening and ceiling to accommodate your decorations.

You can create fantastic Halloween designs out of simple and relatively thin materials like black construction paper and craft foam. These materials won't get in the way of your garage door's opening mechanisms, plus they're easy to remove once you're done with your Halloween celebration.  

Don't Make Permanent Mods to Your Garage Door for Seasonal Décor

The last things you want to use are Halloween decorations that require permanent or difficult-to-revert changes to your garage door. For instance, you may want to reconsider a decoration if it requires putting screws, nails, or brackets on the garage door. These changes could damage your garage door and leave it battle-scared when viewed up close.

You should also refrain from painting designs or colors directly onto the garage door. If a moment of artistic brilliance does strike, however, consider covering the garage door in craft paper or with a plastic tarp before putting the paintbrush to it. This way, you'll be able to undo your changes simply by ripping the paper or plastic off the door afterwards.

Work With Existing Garage Door Colors to Create Unique Decorations

If you have a garage door that's already painted in a color other than white, you could use the existing color as an element of your decorating idea. For example, a garage door that's already painted in calming earth-tone colors can be the perfect backdrop for a design involving pumpkins and other fall decorations. A dark-colored garage door can also make light-colored Halloween cut-outs stand out.

Be Considerate of Your Neighbors

It's perfectly natural that you'd want to ramp up the fear factor when it comes to your garage door Halloween décor but not if it means being inconsiderate to others in the neighborhood. If you have preschool children or elderly neighbors, you might want to give them a heads-up about your Halloween decoration plans. This way, you won't risk any negative fallout that could come from a completely unexpected scare.


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