garage door locks - are yours effective?

garage door locks - are yours effective?

Four Ways To Use Traditional Architecture In Your Garage Design

Sara Walters

Many garages have a decidedly modern look, even when the homes they are associated with feature more traditional architecture. This does not have to be the case, however. Here's a look at four ways to use traditional architectural elements in your new garage design.

Create a Carriage House-Inspired Garage

Before motorized cars became popular, homes had carriage houses where the horse-drawn carriage and related equipment were kept. One of the key elements of these carriage houses were the pillars that typically supported the roof in the front of the building. You can play on this and other design elements to create a traditional carriage-house style garage.

White siding looks particularly stunning for a carriage house garage. Three pillars -- one on either side and one between the two doors of a two-car garage -- can also be painted white with stone bases. A black roof with a substantial overhang can be accentuated with the inclusion of a single dormer, featuring a window and black shutters.

Create a Rustic Cabin-Style Garage

If you live in the country, embrace tradition with a rustic, cabin-style garage. A combination of wood and stone on the garage's exterior gives it a timeless appearance. Consider choosing slatted wooden doors with the wood stained two different colors for a contrasting appearance. If you don't want to go with full wood for the garage's main structure, choose wooden siding instead. Western cedar and redwood are both great choices because they are highly durable and resistant to rot.

A nice accent for a cabin-style garage is a little red. You could paint the window frames red to add a splash of color, or choose a wooden door with some rustic red stenciling on it. Lantern-style lights mounted between the doors also add homey character.

Build a Brick Garage

It is rare to find newer homes that are actually built from brick. Most have brick facades or facing because it is so much cheaper and easier than actually building an entire home from brick. Since your garage is smaller, however, building it entirely from bricks is more reasonable. This is a great way to give your land some truly traditional character. Red brick with white or gray mortar is the most traditional choice, but gray brick can look classy, too.

Accentuate your brick garage with a natural wooden door. Arched windows add to the classic style. Wrought iron lamp posts near the garage entrance and a spire on a highly peaked roof also look lovely with this style of garage.

Embrace the Craftsman Bungalow Design

If you have a traditional Craftsman-style home, why not create a garage with matching appeal? The Craftsman movement is renowned for its use of mixed natural materials. Combine wood, stone, and brick in your garage design by choosing brick pillars, a stone foundation, and wooden siding. For extra character, choose a slate or thatched roof -- both of these are common on Craftsman homes.

To replicate the look of the wrapping front porches that are common on bungalow homes, you can have a small porch created off the side of your garage. The side human door can open onto this porch. Partially paned doors are also common in Craftsman design. Choose a garage door with several window panes, possibly made from stained glass. Include multi-paned windows, rather than single-paned windows, on the sides and back of the garage.

Whether you like the look of brick, the classic pillared design of carriage houses, the rustic look of wood, or the Craftsman-inspired combination of natural materials, it's not difficult to design a garage with these traditional elements. Don't get stuck in the world of plastic-looking doors and pre-fabricated buildings. Build a unique garage with a design you can be proud of.



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